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A makeup artist is someone who uses cosmetic techniques and processes to enhance your appearance, bringing out color and features and hiding or smoothing out flaws. Or to prepare you for a special occasion or photo shoot.

The artist knows how to make you look your best. Especially when it comes to special occasions where you will be photographed. Thanks to digital cameras, makeup artists are increasingly in demand for weddings, fashion shoots, fashion shows, corporate headshot photography, and other special events that will be photographed or recorded.

When you come to Lizanco Beauty Salon you decide whether to go for a quick or more time-consuming option. But regardless of how much time you have, you can achieve a stunning finish really easily. Make-up, concealer, powder and/or blusher is used by our beauty experts to perfect your complexion, give it a wonderfully radiant look and complement your personal style.

Whether you "merely" want to frame your face with an eyebrow product, emphasize your eyes, enhance your eyelashes with a mascara or conjure up a unique make-up look ranging from subtle to glamorous – you are sure to find the product you are looking for here.

We offer the following:

Professional and retail products.

Make-up for all occasions ( Weddings and functions).

Make-up Workshops.

Make-up courses.

Use make up to reveal your true beauty

eyebrows and eyelashes  treatment at :izanco beauty salon in Nelspruit

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