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Fingernails are one of the body parts that can define a person most. In fact, many people pay attention to hands because they think it says a lot about the other person's personality, their lifestyle, etc.

At Lizanco Beauty Salon we use only the best nail care products, i.e. the Nail systems international (NSI) products. And we offer the following:  

NSI Acrylic Nails

NSI Acrylic Nails describe any type of  nail enhancement that was created using a two-part system of our NSI nail care products, i.e. a nail liquid (monomer) and a nail powder (polymer).

Natural nail with acrylic overlay

This consists of a treatment where we apply the product directly over the natural nail with no extension. The purpose of the service is to add strength to natural nails.

Sculpting acrylic nails

With this service the natural nail is extended using a nail form as a platform, sculpting with acrylic.

Tips with acrylic

A tip refers to a service where the natural nail is extended using a nail tip as platform.

Secret Shades powders

NSI has developed advanced very fine polymers designed to give amazing control with extreme pigmentation. These are dust mixture powders.

Simplicite PolyDip system

Simplicite Polydip is a system that uses new technology and fits between the permanent polish market with Polish Pro Gel Polish and nail enhancement services. It is a whole new level of nail dipping systems. The unique light cured technology keeps client’s nails strong and healthy. It can be used for tip and overlays or permanent polish enhancements. This treatment has several advantages:

NSI Secret Soak-off Gel Nails  

Unique to the market  with a high gloss tack free finish leaving a light embossed texture. During these procedures gel is used on natural nail or tips are used as platform to enhance nails.

Polish Pro (70% Gel , 30 % Cutex)

A revolutionary gel polish formula that lasts longer without chipping, smudging or cracking. The next generation of nail polish is  light-cured and soaks off in just minutes. Available in an ever-expanding array of sassy shades /colors.

Nail art advancement

Different shades and colors is used to create unique nail art .

Care for your nails as part of your beauty treatment

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